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Joyfully Married After with Heath and Tracy is a weekly 30 min podcast discussing relationships, specializing in premarital preparedness and inter-marital improvement. We want you Joyfully Married After everything. Heath and Tracy are relationship strategists, specializing in premarital preparedness and improving your marriage. We want our listeners married and motivated. We'll discuss our journey with sex, money, disagreements in marriage, fighting fair when you have disagreements in marriage. We'll also cover things like improving communication, how to handle trust issues in marriage and learn how to avoid divorce. Since we have four children, expect to hear discussion techniques on keeping your marriage strong despite inevitable disagreements on how to raise the kids and keep life in balance. So if you want to be an awesome mate and how to avoid the minefields in relationships, tune in every week!

Apr 8, 2019

What’s next? Navigating Passion to Compassion

The good news is that if couples get past that two-year slump and hang on for an another couple of decades, they may well recover the excitement of the honeymoon period—at a most unlikely time: 18 to 20 years later, when their children have typically left home and, with the freedom of the so-called “empty nest,” partners are left to discover one another—and, often, their early bliss—once again.Familiarity may or may not breed contempt, but research suggests that it does breed indifference. Or, as Raymond Chandler wrote: “The first kiss is magic. The second is intimate. The third is routine.”

Sonja Lyubomirsky Ph.D.-

When love is new, we have the rare capacity to experience great happiness even while being stuck in traffic or getting our teeth cleaned. We are in the throes of what researchers call passionate love, a state of intense longing, desire, and attraction.

In time, this love generally morphs into companionate love, a less impassioned blend of deep affection and connection. The reason is that human beings are, as more than 100 studies show, prone to hedonic adaptation, an innate—and measurable—capacity to become habituated or inured to most life changes, positive or negative.There are evolutionary, physiological, and practical reasons why passionate love is unlikely to endure for long. If we obsessed, endlessly, about our partners and had sex with them multiple times a day—every day—we would not be very productive at work or very attentive to our children, our friends, or our health.

When married couples reach the two-year mark, many mistake the natural shift from passionate love to companionate love for incompatibility and unhappiness. For some, the possibility that things might be different—more exciting, more satisfying—with someone else proves difficult to resist.

Top of Mind for US

Jeff & MacKenzie Bezos’ Divorce - Billions won't fix this marriage. Sorry for a legacy lost.

Question of the Week

Q&A- What is your opinion on the MGTOW movement that has become so popular and the family court laws that have pretty much scared men from venturing into that union? Blessings to both of you. Glad to see a couple that has made it.

Dopest Couple in the World

The Carter's Beyonce’ and Jay Z

Happy 11th Anniversary!

Doing it Well-

Try the "Pause and Rub" technique. Nothing wrong with Lube and toys either.


One Minute Word

Be the flame not the moth.

Giacomo Casanova