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Joyfully Married After with Heath and Tracy is a weekly 30 min podcast discussing relationships, specializing in premarital preparedness and inter-marital improvement. We want you Joyfully Married After everything. Heath and Tracy are relationship strategists, specializing in premarital preparedness and improving your marriage. We want our listeners married and motivated. We'll discuss our journey with sex, money, disagreements in marriage, fighting fair when you have disagreements in marriage. We'll also cover things like improving communication, how to handle trust issues in marriage and learn how to avoid divorce. Since we have four children, expect to hear discussion techniques on keeping your marriage strong despite inevitable disagreements on how to raise the kids and keep life in balance. So if you want to be an awesome mate and how to avoid the minefields in relationships, tune in every week!

Jan 11, 2021

Focus on small acts of kindness. Boosts your mood. Do t be stingy with each other. You need some water?

Pay attention to your inner voice that creates distance. Don’t listen to negative/critical voice on your shoulder. No self sabotage with the inner voice. Don’t allow it prevent you from being vulnerable.

Be aware of fantasies you may form. An illusion of oneness vs 2 distinct people working together to create a great marriage. “We don’t do this”, “we don’t do that”...instead of honoring differences and celebrating yin and yang; respecting and celebrating differences while working together.

Help your partner feel secure. Not all the focus on yourself. Breaks down empathy and understanding. How can I make them feel more secure? Cell phone not in bed? Are they feeling heard? Cutting down social life if she feels threatened by it. Finding the balance of feeling understand and balanced.

Willing to be vulnerable. We have a lowering tolerance for love than we think. Feel your sadness and stay vulnerable. Great joy comes with great sadness. It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.